For most business owners, your parking lot is the “Welcome Mat” to your property. A bumpy old worn out parking lot can be a hazard and an eyesore to visitors and customers of your business. Over time, paved areas often become damaged due to traffic patterns and the effects of weather like heat, sun, rain, and other environmental effects. Once the paving becomes cracked, it may deteriorate rapidly, creating an ugly appearance. Loose surfaces and deep cracks could also damage vehicles and create walking hazards for pedestrians. Do you want to refresh the look and feel of your business parking area? A quick and economical way to make your tired old parking lot pavement look new again is to have a reputable pavement maintenance contractor to properly apply a fresh layer of asphalt with a new seal coat. NHSI offers fast, professional, service for your home or business. Look at our References, then Contact Us for a Free Estimate.

The investment in your asphalt can be extended if a maintenance program is followed. The extreme conditions in the Las Vegas Valley can prematurely wear and damage even the best asphalt. We have the professionals trained to determine the repair best suited to your conditions. NHSI uses Desert Shield emulsion based sealer that has been specially formulated to handle the harsh conditions present in the desert.

    Desert Shield re-surfacer is a polymer modified emulsion based sealer and is approved for use in the City of Henderson, City of North Las Vegas and throughout Clark County. Desert Shield is specially formulated to withstand the abuse created by the extreme desert conditions. Desert Shield is produced locally and can be modified to meet specific conditions.  

    Parking lot stripes and pavement markings are essential to safety and aesthetic appearance. Our experts bring over 20 years of industry-leading experience in assisting area businesses with their parking lot pavement and striping needs. NHSI professionally paints parking stall stripes, directional arrows, stenciled traffic flow instructions, handicap symbols, fire curbing, loading zones, crosswalks, stop bars, and any customized pavement markings tailored to your business.

  The curb appeal of your business is often the first chance to make a good impression with customers. And, of course, you also want customers to feel safe as they visit your business. A professionally marked parking lot may also lower insurance liability costs. So taking good care of your parking area is actually a sound investment in your business.

  We are familiar with all parking lot codes and laws. Our experts will see to it that your business meets all local, state, and federal (ADA) requirements.


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