Wall Murals

Add the ultimate dimension to a room by installing a custom Wall Mural.
These wall murals are made of an aggressive 3M vinyl with a thick gloss or matte overlaminate to protect the finish, making them highly superior to cheap wallpaper or wholesale preprinted murals.
Supply us with your own artwork or let us design something for you. Wall Murals are perfect for large commercial walkways, arenas, gyms, game rooms or wherever you choose.

Some factors to remember when planning a wall mural project:

  1. Make sure your graphics are very high resolution, so when the images are blown up, they maintain their original detail.
  2. Your wall should have a smooth gloss finish. A framed border is suggested for textured walls or matte finishes.
  3. Make note of any outlets or switches that are going to be covered with your mural. These will be cut out afterwards and you don’t want to lose any important details in the image.